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It is an information site.J am a professional journalist and J choose,if possible, locals informations which have an national interest. .Touraine Actu is locate in Tours city in Touraine wich is too inIndre et Loire. It is the departement of Marisol Touraine who is health minister . Dominique Oliva ( press Card numéro 53...)make this site.

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« Les nuits du bout des ondes »

For the night men or women are near the radio.There are conversation almost privacy between listeners and the anchorman or anchorwoman .

La nuit au bout des ondes
« La nuit au bout des Ondes »
(copyright Dominique Oliva,
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The radio is a great media for a relationship when the night is coming back. Night is favourable.Words are free.A studient, who has a passion for the radio in the night,made a search on it for her studies . This search became a book with this title : « les nuits du bout des ondes » (« The nigth on the air ») Ina Edition.

Her boock is also a meeting with men or women who, on the other side of the radio, listen,give advice, exchange ideas.

Marine Beccarelli is the autor of this boock.For watching her interview.It is below:

Marine Beccarelli in this interview she speaks in french; For the first she speaks of Menie Grégoire who was a celebrety of the RTL( french) radio between 1967 and 1981. Menie Gregoire gave all her archives at « Indre et Loire » which is a french state district.Marine Beccarelli speaks also of Gonzague Saint Bris who was also a celebrity for 1970 and afterbut for an other french radio whose name is Europe 1.

Marine Beccarelli is a studient in history departement in unversity of université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

Marine Beccarelli and her book: Les nuits du bout des ondes


( Avec l'autorisation de RTL )
It was Gonzague Saint Bris on french radio Europe 1 in the night and Ménie Grégoire in the afternoon on an other french radio RTL that began this program.Menie Grégoire had free words with these friendly listeners who was in majority women. In these program sexuality made debates.Menie Grégoire dead in 2014 in Rochecorbon, a small town near Tours. Her letters and dialog on tape with her listerners are now the propriety of « archives départementales d’Indre et Loire » ; It is 100000 documents.

lettre à Ménie Grégoire
Letter to Ménie Grégoire
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with authorization of « Archives Départementales d'indre et Loire »
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 Ménie Grégoire
Ménie Grégoire
Archives départementales d’Indre-et-Loire, 66 J . Cliché AD37.
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For best knowledge : « Archives départementales d'indre et Loire »

archives départementales d'Indre et Loire

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