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Néanderthal :

A mystery prehistoric

Expo Neandertal
Temporary exhibition "Neanderthal, a prehistoric mystery"
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How have we supplant our cousin, Neanderthal , 40.000 ans ago, he lives here since 100.000 years , before us ?

Expo Neandertal
Temporary exhibition Neanderthal
at Le Grand Pressigny Museum
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To Discover Prehistoric Museum at Le Grand Pressigny ,in Loire Valley, in the south Touraine , with temporary exhibition to 30 th november 2015 .

May be have you your own explanation ? What happened between 50,000 years ago and 40,000 years ago ? Who is the autor of the transformation of the culture and lifestyle ?

is Néanderthal like less intelligent or he is like us ,like Homo Sapiens ?.

Now actually ,our vision of Neandertal change.

It is that can we show in this temporary exhibition in one of oldest Prehistoric Museum in Europe .

Museum re-opened its doors on 2009, after restructuring by Conseil Départemental de Touraine .

Vidéo and photos with explanations of Michel Philippe , manager at Grand Pressigny Museum Prehistoric:

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Le Grand Pressigny

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