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It is an information site.J am a professional journalist and J choose,if possible, locals informations which have an national interest. .Touraine Actu is locate in Tours city in Touraine wich is too inIndre et Loire. It is the departement of Marisol Touraine who is health minister . Dominique Oliva ( press Card numéro 53...)make this site.

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Tours city is the first
(or almost..)

for the families gardens in France .

 jardins familiaux

jardins familiaux
(Copyright Dominique Oliva)

With 1300 families gardens which are on 15 sites,The town of Tours is in the five towns where they are the most important in France.

The firts places with Tours are share with Amiens on the West and Bourges in the center .

The french Fédération of families gardens write that they cover 3000 hectares.

The association of gardners are the owners of These gardens .

You must wait sometimes before enter in yours garden because there are many candidates for renting . In Tours the surfaces of each garden are 80 M2.

 jardins familaiux

jardins familiaux
(Copyright Dominique Oliva)

If you want become a gardener in these "familials gardens" you must follow strict rules like d'nt sold the is a success .

Frédérick Guyon is a doctor of the Franche Comté unversity . Explanations of a success

in frenh with photographs: See and heard :

( photos were taken in l'Amicale du Liège in Tours )

Frédérick Guyon searchs :" l'histoire et l'évolution des usages du jardin familial (ex ouvrier)"

we can found it here and here

the french federation of families gardens here

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