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It is an information site.J am a professional journalist and J choose,if possible, locals informations which have an national interest. .Touraine Actu is locate in Tours city in Touraine wich is too inIndre et Loire. It is the departement of Marisol Touraine who is health minister . Dominique Oliva ( press Card numéro 53...)make this site.

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He is the first importer and the first seller in France for Old Brit Motorbikes.His factory and store are in Nouzilly which is a small town in the Loire Valley Country .

Beatles and dream....

Classic British Motorcycles
Legend Motorcyles in Nouzilly
(Copyright Dominique Oliva)

This began in 2008,Yves Delamare for seventeen years was,in France, on the roads for his store designer job. Since he was a teenager ,he have a passion for old brit motorcyles: Triumph,Norton,Bsa,Ariel.

He like do mecanic in a farm whose owner is a friend who lives in Nouzilly.Nouzilly is a small town in the Loire Valley at twenty kilometers in the north of Tours .

Old British bike
Legend'Motorcyles Nouzilly
(Copyright Dominique Oliva)

7 years ago, he looks for parts for his motorcycle. He founds a web site which is Baxter the most important seilor in the states for british old motorcyles ." Baxter" is in the Iowa State.

He becomes friendly with the amecan owner.Soon he has the idea to import from USA to France some of this 60 s old motorcycles;In france he sold quicly these old Motorcycles .

His company born Legend'Motorcyles .in the ancient farm of is friend in Nouzilly .Now he imports and solds 80 old british mortorcycle foryear ;

These motorcycles are on good states and ready to go on the roads. Somone are restored and looks like new

Old British Bike
Legend'Motorcyles à Nouzilly
(Copyright Dominique Oliva)

In the 60s and 7Os near 4000 motorcycles are imported in the USA from Great Britain each month. European and American bikers are different .

Between two towns in the USA you are a long travel it is not the case for the European Towns.So american bikers goes with cars and theirs motorcycles are on trailers .

40 years after, these motorcycles are few kilometers and are in good state .

Thes motorcycles at Yves Delamare's company :

Sound and motorcycles: Diaporama

Legend motorcycles sold 70 per cent of these motorcyles by it's web site and others by magazines . Prices are 10000 to 20000 euros .

Yves Delamare Legend'Motorcyles boss

It is a success story: :

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